True Homes Home Inspections

Serving Washington 509-998-4033 WA Lic#1380 & Idaho 208-243-9706

Services for Home Inspections

Standard Services Include:                 Cost:
~Buyers Inspections                    $225 to 425+ depending on Age, Sq Ft, & Location
~Pre-listing Inspections               $225 to 425+ depending on Age, Sq Ft, & Location
~4-point inspections                          Call for pricing & details
~Home Maintenance Inspections     Call for pricing & details
~Condominium Inspections         $225 (interior only)   up to 1,000 sq ft $275 (interior & exterior) 1,000 sq ft & up custom quote 
~Additional living spaces             $125 (Guest apartments, mother in law suites etc.)

Additional Service 1

Radon Testing

True Homes offers a 48 hr radon test using an electronic Continuous Radon Monitor. For more info on radon and the testing process call us at 509-998-4033 in WA/208-243-9706 in ID or check out the links provided: 
Cost without a home inspection= $150.00
Cost with a home inspection= $125.00

Additional Service 2

Water Quality/Analysis testing

This type of test is best suited for homes equipped with a well system. A water quality test, tests for harmful bacteria in the homes drinking water. A water analysis is more in depth and tests for heavy metals. The EPA recommends that homes on a private water system have the drinking water tested periodically. All testing is done by an EPA approved lab with current certifications and the results are available within 24 hours.
Links for more water quality testing info;
Cost for a water quality test= $40.00
Cost for a water analysis= $100.00+ depending on the depth of the test requested.

Additional Service 3

Asbestos testing

True Homes offers asbestos testing for building materials commonly found in homes built before 1979. Materials that are known to contain asbestos are taken to an EPA certified lab for verification and the results are available within 24 hours or sooner if requested.
Links for more asbestos info:

Additional Service 4

Lead paint testing

True Homes offers onsite instant lead paint testing. 

Cost per sample= $25.00

Additional Service 5

Pest & Mold Inspections

True Homes is currently being certified  by the state of Washington to perform Pest & Mold inspections. Check back with us if this is a service you desire.